Can't Beat Them, Join Them Photo Contest

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Can't Beat Them, Join Them Mothership Photo Appropriation Contest

Contest runs June 7th - July 1st 2017

Prize: $100 donation to charity of winner's choice

We have all heard it before, "If you can't beat them, join them!" The viral storm photo, The Mothership, by Sean R. Heavey, has been stolen and appropriated so many times that Heavey has lost count. A few notable appropriations of the photo are film director David Twohy's blog post featuring Vin Diesel and the spinning storm in the "Riddick Chronicles", a sleek professional ad promoting Ball Watches, and probably most well known is the composite image with the storm in the background and Miley Ray Cyrus, laser eyes and all, blowing up the foreground. 

After years of futile resistance, it is time to join with those who love to appropriate other's art. Now you can join in the fun. Sean is inviting anyone and everyone to design their best appropriated composite image featuring "The Mothership." Once you have created your masterpiece of "stolen" art, post it to the following Facebook page. The image with the most likes wins. The winner will get $100 donated to their favorite charity. Why charity? Well no one really wants to profit off "stolen" art, no not really. So instead let's make the world a little better off by helping an organization that helps others. 



Can't Beat Them, Join Them Mothership Photo Appropriation Contest Rules

  • Google and grab "The Mothership" from online.
  • Composite The Mothership in with your favorite image to create a compelling and entertaining story.
  • Post your final image to the Sean R Heavey Photography Facebook page:
  • Hashtag your image with #thefakemothership 
  • The image with the most likes, as of midnight on July 1st, 2017, wins. 
  • The winner will be notified through Facebook. 
  • Sean R. Heavey Photography will donate $100 to the winner's charity of choice. 



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