I absolutely love your photos...will be purchasing soon
I could look at your gallery all day and have on bad days to cheer myself up thank you I truly enjoy the ones I have at home too, the water fall pictures and the Glasgow ones are my favorites
Linda Short(non-registered)
You have captured stunning moments in time, you have left us wanting to see it, experience it and just sit in the space. Just stunning!
James Gwynne(non-registered)
Magnifiques photographies, les photos HDR des nuages et des cyclones sont particulièrement impressionnantes (Faites attention à vous, pas trop près!!!).
Dan Moudree(non-registered)
Very nice photos Sean. You have done a nice job of collecting great local images. Especially like your aerial drone shots. Look forward to seeing more!
Roger Wimmer(non-registered)
Wonderful work Sean your images are certainly appreciated, you have created a great niche with you "Weather/Storm" images. Keep on.
Kathryn C.(non-registered)
amazing images!!! sensitive and detailed. thanks for shairing
Bill L. Coulter(non-registered)
Extraordinary work and I am in awe with many of your photographs and inspiredby them.
Excellent photos. Loved looking at them all :) Thank you for sharing them with us.
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