Hello... Welcome... and thanks for stopping by... I appreciate your visit!

First off I apologize that there are too many photos to choose from.  I see so many amazingly beautiful thing to make pictures of in the world around me everyday that I can't only choose a handful to show.  I was told once to only show your best and keep it tight.  But I find that hard because I see different shots for different reasons and so when it comes to narrowing it down... well that's a challenge.  And besides we are all different and who who knows what you might like.

Speaking of likes... not the social media thumbs up type.  Here we use hearts!  If you're browsing the galleries and see one that catches your eye just let your mouse hover over the image and a heart will appear.  If you click the heart and make an account then I can see them also.  I have way more photos than whats on this site so once I see what your are liking I can look through the rest and add options for you to consider.

Options for prints...

I have a selection of what I call "option edition lab prints" available to order directly on the site.  These are photo lab printed, unsigned, mailed directly to you from the lab finished prints. These are priced to remain competitive with the rest of the digital photo world.  Everyones budget is different so I want to give options to fit everyone...

What I do option...

Lab prints are good but sometimes they just don't quite look as I think they should so for my gallery and show prints I do my own.  Because I'm sort of obsessed with all things photography the physical print has taken a more significant part of my process for a verity of reasons.  So I have spent the last number of years coming up with my own print process.  I call an "inkjet resin" print.

They start as a paper print that I make using archival inkjet print technology combined with a fine art paper.  The print is then mounted to a substrate which varies based on if we are making a final work that is either frameless or framed.  The print then has layers of art grade epoxy resin poured over the top of it.  The coating give the image a glossy sheen and adds durability and UV light protection.  This is where I think the magic happens... Each and every pour is different.  Environmental conditions, the paper, the backing substrate react different every time.  The surface becomes more organic with micro bubbles and ripples appearing during the 14 hour curing process.  Each poured layer adds to the surface with a combined overall effect of a bit of grit and texture that I believe is lacking in the massed produce digital work that photography is these days.  Photographers of old struggled with consistency and when you look at those images today they each have a truly unique look that makes them special. 

Once the print has its top layers its edges are sanded, buffed, and a mount hanger added if it's a frameless look or of framed finished one of two ways.  

One way is a simple, thin black metal frame is added.  This option is the most budget friendly of all the inkjet resin prints.  It's clean and gives almost a frameless look.  The second option is we make you a frame.  These are truly custom, unique frames built to your homes or business decor out of reclaimed wood and metal.  I partner with a few local gentleman who enjoy making sawdust in the shop and are happy to get a few extra dollars in their pockets.  

Don't let me scare you off price wise... Though they can get expensive with size and complexity but considering all the effort, uniqueness, and time invested it still in range with what the corporate art world charges.

If you want to see examples of my process and pieces I've created please browse the "process photos" gallery on the bottom of the home page.

That was a lot.  So get back to looking at the photos... But due email, call, or text me questions that you might have and if you did go through and picked favorites drop me a messages so we can start the next step.  

Also, if I don't get back to you in a few days maybe consider sending me a gentle reminder.  I juggle lots of different balls in my work and sometime the response time slips.  I try to handle everything in a timely manor but sometimes I just get distracted and next thing I know a week has gone by.

So again, welcome... thanks for taking the time to look,  I appreciate you stopping by and enjoy the images...