Sean, I read your story and battle with Netflix on the BBC. Beautiful photos, are they for sale?
Andrew McLeod
Awesome pictures Sean, and so many options! Looking forward to seeing what you can do for me!
John Robin(non-registered)
Sean - your photos are amazing.. Every shot is a masterpiece and you have taken some of them putting yourself on the edge !!!

I read about your issue, do hope you get your settlement.. it is a challenge to keep our works from Digital Copying. Yet I am sure we can make more awareness of your works and get more customers to Visit and purchase directly from your Website..

I can share your link or post on Linkedin to help drive traffic to your website ..
M Palmer, UK(non-registered)
Saw the news article about the Netflix issue and found your website. Amazing photos for a fellow cloud appreciator to see. I'm going to have to clear some wall space and return to purchase- but, oh, the choice!
Wendy Jones, Florida(non-registered)
I came across your work while reading an article on your fight to protect the ownership of your work. You are a true artist and I was just amazed at the beauty and power you captured.
Amazing photos(non-registered)
these photos are amazing.
I'm glad you are chasing those that illegally use your photos without your permission, especially large companies like Netflix who know what they are doing, and expect their size to intimidate people out of fighting them on it.
Well done.
Michael in Japan(non-registered)
Stunning. I wish Apple would license your photographs for its next MacOS.
Janice Marie Lardie
Hi Sean, I don't remember how I found you, but I'm glad I did. I have been following you for a few years now. I love how you capture the outdoors, especially the weather. Keep up the amazing work. How do you go about buying a picture?
Robin Lennemann(non-registered)

I am an amateur landscape photographer from Bozeman. I am majoring in digital photography online at Southern New Hampshire University. My assignment is to find a local photographer I like--that is how I found your website. I love your work. The clouds and sunrise/sunsets are glorious with great colors and movement. I am also a sucker for old, rusty farm (etc) machinery. Currently, I am in Mesa, Arizona but returning within the next couple weeks to Montana. This old Covid 19 bug! The beauty of being a landscape photographer is that we don't have to quit our jobs with all the isolation. Just wanted you to know that I will be using your name and website in my assignment. You have inspired me because I appreciate your images, but I also like to write and was thinking of doing a blog, so thank you. Now, especially, is a good time to show the beauty of our world and give spirit to those who need to be reminded that we have beauty in our lives and world--we just have to go look for it.
Donald Evans(non-registered)
Excellent eye for the world around you, thank you for sharing your work.
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